The City of Brass

Last session, April 18th 2010

This week, the Paladin continued his investigation into the Church of Bahamut. The Ranger is suffering the consequences of his previous actions and killing of a paladin, and the Warforged and the Barbarian continue to investigate mysteries and gather funds.

Darrak the paladin, accomplonied a few other paladins in order to retrieve protection money from several businessess including Mr. Wulong a halfling restauranteer. Darrak was found somewhat lacking, and sent home early as the other paladins continued their business.

Limron refound Fergus who mentioned something of an activity against the church, and also helped Limron find a lawyer to defend himself against the charges being pressed against him by the church.

b-10-0-kodiak was given a Final Messanger, which while broken, still contained the images from some warforged also stranged in the elemental chaos.

Kendra having spent some time with her dragonborn buddies, continued working on the community boards with kodiac.

The Party split up in order to deal with the Debts of Reynalds. Limron and Darrak encountered a Draegloth Bookie, who wanted 2000gp for Reynalds debts. Kendra and Kodiac investgiated the help wanted sign from Andronicus about a surposedly animated spell book.

The Bookie being an unholy combination of Drow and Demon from the first circle of hell was completely unwilling to comprimise. As such limron and Darrak devised a clever plan to enter the gladiator ring and earn their money on the newcomer rates offered by the Draegloth.

Darrak entered the ring vs a meduse and lasted roughly 20 seconds before a Technicality was called, the medusa not having been devenomed before the combat.

Kendra and Kodiac investigated the mysterious disappearing spellbook for the mage andronicus. Their being verily rumours of Andronicus have unnatural relations with sheep. Kodiac and Kendra tracked the book to the local trash, where they found Hank, who is asshole teifling. After some finagling, the party and hank returned the book to andronicus and the party pocketed a 20% finders fee.

Afterward the whole party tracked down Blacktooth Bloodfucker a Ork Gangleader with a glass jaw, who they easily defeated and brought the head in for a fine bounty.

After turning in the bounty, the party being offered an early contract for some slaad erradication, took it up, and defeated several red slaadpoles, before defeating a grey slaad, the first they encountered, and its amazing magical powers.



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