The City of Brass

The Story So Far...

So far.

Originally the party were pupils of the wise mage, tutor, and scholar Magnus. The Party prospered under Magnus’s tutoring until one day when his son, Marius returned. Everyone suspect that Magnus has a dark and troubled past given his appearance and penchant for black robes. Magnus’s son Marius however brought trouble in spades. The Party in defending their mentor, invoked the wrath ofMarius who conjured a portal to the Elemental Chaos which took the form of a whirlwind, after defeating Magnus himself.

Magnus’s house landed in the Elemental Chaos , on a certain unfortunate wizard. After some disagreement about boots the party managed to barter their way to the City of Brass.Magnus was struck senseless by Marius’s attack and soon the party found themselves hunting slaad in an attempt to remain freemen. After an unfortunate encounter with a blue slaad, The Warlord Mordain was killed by the infectious beast’s breeding cycle, his head detaching as a new red slaad. The Party in their attempt to save Mordain, had sold themselves into slavery to Fittious Finch.

Fittious Finch, after a year of tedium , gave them the option of ‘earning’ out their contracts, and sent them to retrieve several objects. Finch also sent another of his slaves who was able to buy his own freedom, Darrak, a Paladin of Bahamut.

The Party quickly solved and recovered many objects and obstacles in the sewers and finally completed Finch’s list. Finch sent them off without a further word, disappointing when they tried to dupe him, leaving the party back to square one. They quickly earned enough money to afford a ritual to remove afflictions from Magnus, returning him to his senses, and purchasing (Limron and Darrak)an estate in one of the better parts of the outskirts. (Kendra and Kodak were sensible and rented rooms from Alpha)

Recently the party has been doing a wide variety of odd quests and works. Limron has married the drowish sistersChantel and Zelda and been accused of murder of a Paladin. Darrak is beginning to have a fall out with the church and his brothers over the appropriate pursuit of the Paladin Fergus and the murder of the Paladin Malachai. Kodiac is contemplating the meaning of the mechanical girl Alpha from the tenement house. Kendra has recently come into the acquaintance of other dragonborn in the city, especially the handsome and valourous B’Hrash.



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