The City of Brass

June 17th Adventure Summary

The Party, attempting to flee the city until things got quiet set out to find the source of this Final Messanger they discovered earlier. They put together supplies and received a little scratch from their former teammate Darrak.

The Party set out in the desert, and getting lost only once and aquiring the help of Magog they finally find the place where Magog says “Metal men fall from the sky.” and where a rope confusingly was strung up. Way up. The little goblin ends up uncovering a warforged there, which the party reactivates and then begrudingly pays for. The Warforged’s name was Kronad and he lead them up the rope to reconnect with the rest of the Cyran Extraplanar Expeditionary Force once a potent force but now just holding on , in the outside edge of a fortress.

This fortress was made to house Archons and contained an Archon Forge that CEEF had thought to claim for Cyre. However, long losses and the fact that the two kinds of archons the forged seemed to be able to make (Airie and Ember Archons) fought as much with each other over the forge as outsiders, has lead to a stalemate.

The party also discovered that the commander in the Final Messanger they found previously, Commander Prime is missing and presumed dead, replaced by his 2ic Jackal who seems content to try to wait out the Archons.

The party rather tactlessly tried to tell Jackal that Cyre was dead, but Jackal just shook his head saying “We figured that out, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell the men”. Jackal gave his blessing to the party poking around in the castle and even authorized his quartermaster, a dwarf surprisingly, to give payment to the Gith yanki merchants that served as a supply point for what was left of CEEF.

The Gith are a race of former slaves, who having broken away from their former tyrants have turned on themselves. Gith yanki have two colours , white on the left side of the body, black on the right. Gith zerai also have two colours, Black on the left side of the body, white on the right. All gith consider gith with the wrong coloration (reversed from them of course) to be abominations worthy only of destuction.

The party stocked up and entered the castle, encountering the denizens, the archons for the first time, and saving an Ork, who they were surprised to see. The Ork revealed the Ork encampment in the basement and a secret staircase. The Party hurried up the staircase going to the 4th floor and fighting first a pair of Airie Archons but mostly a Gith zerai raiding party, who they defeated eventually, aquiring some magic items and a flying boat.

The Party retreated and are now planning their second incursion.



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