The City of Brass

May 24 adventure summary

This session the party worked with the paladin Fergus to overthrow the corrupt and evil regime of the current order of bahamut. Plans and distractions were laid out, rumors made, babies found without fathers, children without parents, cats and dogs laying together.

The day of the assault began bleakly with most of the party already inside the gates, a wily paladin managed to lock out a small squad of other paladins before running into thetemple to face the captain of the watch. Quickly and quitely disposing of their foes, without murder, The party went forward to face the dragon, the head of the church of bahamut and a renowned fighter.

The battle was turse and bloody, but eventually the dragon lay at their feet. Rather than face dishonour, the dragon requested death and thus began the new rule at the Order of Bahamut. Long live the new Archdeacon and his beneificant ways!



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