Warforged Fighter


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Forged during the great war, Kodiak was but a beta model for the new line of soldiers. A new technology, created to give orders directly into the minds of the warforged on the battlefield, instead left Kodiak with the greatest song by Ozzyriphale Osbournedigonigines on an endless loop within his metallic skull. At one point, when battling on a train against a bandits, it drove him crazy and he sent the train off its rails. He was reassigned to janitorial duties.

After a few years of battling the evil calcium, lime, and rust build-ups in the laboratories where he was made, he was promoted to cook. They chose him as a cook because he was used to repetitive and monotonous tasks. Plus, he was the only one in the building who could be trusted with the food.

One night, while a group of researching Elves (and Gnomes, but we don’t talk about their part in Cyre) were dining on a delicious meal of liver and cornbread, the forge was attacked! Kodiak grabbed the extra-large cast-iron skillet and ran to the front of the dining hall. He barricaded all the researchers in the kitchens to the back, and stood his ground to protect them. Taking out no fewer than 30 assailants (possibly upward of 300, the way they kept coming), Kodiak finally dispatched the last of them and calmed the situation. Then, as suddenly as the initial attack, everything went white, and then nothing.

Kodiak awoke in the arms of Magnus, well sort of. Part of him was in Magnus’s arms. The rest of him was scattered across the workshop. Kodiak never did learn what happened during his blacking out and his waking up. He always just assumed that whatever it was caused The Mourning.

Now, Kodiak is stuck in the city of brass with a Dragonborn, an Elf, a Dwarf, and Magnus. All he really wants to do is retire in Sharn, settling down with a family, and maybe working in a restaurant as their own personal iron chef. But, that doesn’t seem likely to happen with adventure still ahead of him.


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