Brother Deacon

A middle or upper management figure at the Order of Bahamut


Brother Deacon is a member of the Order of Bahamut of some import.

Brother Deacon was the one who assigned Darrak to track down the member of his order who was committing murders throughout The City of Brass. Once Darrak returned with information about Sir Fergus, Deacon is presumably the one who sent a squad to bring Fergus in.

Brother Deacon suspected Limron’s involvement in the defeat of his men and the death of Brother Malachai and as such, he attended Limron’s wedding to keep an eye on things.

Brother Deacon mostly refused to take sides during the confrontation between Darrak and a rowdy group of the Order of Bahamut soldiers who made an appearance the wedding, intent on capturing Limron.

While not much is known of about Brother Deacon or his intentions, he seems to be an honest and well-meaning figure in the church.

Brother Deacon

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