Giant spider bonded at birth to Limron


When the party went questing through the sewers of Brass in an attempt to buy their way out of slavery, they encountered a conglomerate of ettercaps and giant spiders. After slaying or scaring off the spiders and ettercaps, they find a collection of eggs. When the first egg was broken open, Clip-Clop emerged.

Limron took an instant liking to Clip-Clop and decided to keep him (saving Clip-Clop from the rather gruesome fate that its brothers and sisters would meet at the hands of the other party members).

Thus far, Clip-Clop has adapted well to city life, first settling into the party’s rented room at the inn, and later getting his very own room in Limron and Darrak’s palatial estate. Now that Limron has married into a family of spider worshippers things are looking up for Clip-Clop.

Clip-Clop has proven quite adept at spinning spider silk in a variety of forms, even going so far as to create high quality silk ropes for the party to use.


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