Renegade member of the Order of Bahamut


Paladin. Uses both ranged and non-ranged weapons.


Sir Fergus feels that his order has been too focused on politics and enriching themselves and not focused enough on helping to fight injustice and aid the downtrodden.

Sir Fergus has decided to be a bit more direct in his own methods. He took over one of the brothels in the city, helping his employees by offering them educational instruction while also tracking down and killing any customers who get violent with one of his employees.

The taking justice in to his own hands thing has not gone over particularly well with the Order of Bahamut though it’s not yet clear if they don’t like the fact he is killing people or the fact that he is doing so while wearing the markings of their order.

The order attempted to eliminate Sir Fergus but, with the assistance of his loyal employees and Limron, Sir Fergus was able to defeat the paladins sent to bring him in.

During their most recent encounter, Sir Fergus hinted at an action planned against the Order of Bahamut and suggested that Limron could prove useful in his quest if he can get the rest of the party on board.

Sir Fergus’ is currently in hiding but has devised a signal to let his supporters know how to find him.


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