Nobal Warrior


Kendra is a nobal warrior (Barbarian). She is quick on her feet (Thranbore Truimp) and slow of temper. However, when she enters a rage she seeks the blood of her foes.

She takes pride in her dragon born past (focusing on feats associated with her dragons breath.) In her past clan she was looked up to for her strength and beauty (Strong stats are Str and Cha.)

She carries only one weapon, her halbred, gifted to her from Mindnight on her coming of age. She owns little, but cares greatly for what she has.


Kendra’s past is an interesting one. Upon her birth, to members of a cult associated with an old red dragon, she was exposed the night of her birth. It was prophesied that she would led to the downfall of the clans dragon ruler. That same night she was discovered by midnight, a minotaur tricked into caring to a labyrinth by the fey. She grew up in the fey wilds, helping Midnight care for the Labyrinth. At 22, she heard dragonborn hunting and with Midnights permission returned to Eberron with them. She was unaware that she had condemned Midnight to forever care for Labyrinth, as he would only be released when she exited through the entrance.

The dragonborn Kendra met were of the clan she originated from, though time in Eberron pasted more quickly and there was little talk of the prophesy associated with her, as the red dragon believed it dealt with. She spent 15 years with the clan, learning the ways of the dragonborn. She married and had five children. After her children became independent she began to question the red dragons words. This eventually led to the death of her husband, when the red dragon sent him, alone, to hunt a beast usually dealt with as a party. Kendra, in her rage (her first experience with blood rage)made an attempt on the red dragons life and was forced to flee for the wellbeing of her children. However, her concerns of the red dragon never left the younger generation and caused the disintegration of the clan when her children led an upraising and left reclusion of the deep jungle of Q’bera. The rest of the clan and red dragon eventually perished. Kendrs’s children hope to reunite with her.

After leaving her clan Kendra traveled Eberron, lost and alone. For a time she lived the life of a savage, until Magnus found her. He convinced her to study under him in the hopes of finding a way to see Midnight again. Now at 39 years of age, she is calmer, only allowing her anger to over take her when necessary, she will give guidance when asked and has a great respect for Magnus. She does not care for beings she associated with the fey realm and continues to miss the support of fellow dragonborn.


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