An elvish ranger with good intentions but little foresight


Limron always dreamed of opening his own business. All he needed was money, and a plan, and some persistence.

Somehow Limron found himself under the tutelage of Magnus. At the time, he wasn’t entirely sure how learning from Magnus was going to lead him to getting more money, but Limron tends to let little details work themselves out.

Limron’s impulsiveness and inability to foresee the consequences of his actions often put him at odds with the rest of his party (be it threatening to shoot a party member who is threatening to destroy an item the party needs, taking out a mortgage to buy a large estate with one other party member when he has no means of income or tipping off a renegade paladin).

Limron seems to have settled in to a new life in the City of Brass pretty easily. Since the party’s arrival in the city he has adopted a baby giant spider, Clip-Clop, co-purchased a large estate with Darrak, and most recently gotten married to two sisters, Zelda and Chantel.

All is not perfect in Limron’s life however. He is constantly looking for sources of income to help pay for his ever growing estates, his new in-laws are part of an spider worshiping cult and, most distressingly, he is wanted for murder by the Order of Bahamut (an order that another party member, Darrak, happens to belong to). Really, it’s a miracle that Limron has survived this long.

Limron seems to have a passion for helping the downtrodden, which is probably what lead him to tip Sir Fergus off about the Order’s attack in the first place.

Also of note is that unlike most (including other members of the party), Limron seems strongly opposed to the use of slaves, preferring to use indentured servants when necessary and ensuring they are well provided for. It’s not currently clear why Limron is so opposed to the use of slaves, but perhaps something in his past explains it.


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