Unnamed Kobold

A rather large kobold. Has nothing in this world save for his pet snake, Sir Biteykins.


Mr. Unnamed Kobold spent some time living in an abandoned house along with Sir Biteykins. Unfortunately, the Department of Safety and Security does not like people living in abandoned buildings not paying any taxes and the like and a team was sent to deal with the problem (also, Sir Biteykins had gotten into the habit of biting foolish children who happened to wander into the abandoned building).

Fortunately for the kobold, the party came across him before the Department for Safety and Security was able to do so. They offered him a chance to live in the woods of the Dryad estate two doors down from Darrak and Limron’s estate. Mr. Kobold jumped at the chance and he and Sir Biteykins made fast friends with the dryads.

Unnamed Kobold

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