Welcome to the City… Of Brass

The City of Brass is a roleplaying campaign set around characters from Eberron. Their misadventures have brought them to the City of Brass in the Elemental Chaos. Currently the adventures of Kendra the Dragonborn Barbarian, Limronthe elvish ranger, and b-10-0-kodiak a warforged warrior; all former pupils of Magnus, an archmage of some renown who lost his powers and almost his life when his dastardly son, Marius, banished all of them to the Elemental Chaos.

Since then, the party has been joined by another person formerly of the material plane, Sir Paladin Darrak of the Order Bahamut. Who after enforcing change in his church to make it more in line with the teachings of Bahamut, has stepped away from the party to pursue running the Church of Bahamut as its new leader.

The Party was then joined by the Minotaur Jak who fleeing persecution in the City of Brass, joined the party as a way to escape the city.

Currently the party is residing on the outskirts of an Archon Fortress, planning and doing incursions for the Cyran Extraplanar Expeditionary Forces and in general exploring and looting the Archon Fortress.

The City of Brass

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