Cyran Extraplanar Expeditionary Force

A squad of warforged sent into the planes to acquire and negotiate for Cyre!


The Cyran Extraplanar Expeditionary Force or CEEF is a group of warforged sent into the planes to negotatiate, acquire, and when necessary steal and destroy potential materials, allies or allies from the strange locals in the multiverse.

Original Commanded by Prime with Jackal as 2ic (Second in command)the CEEF at its height consisted of a whole Brigade of soldiers, 5000 warforged soldiers divided into 5 regiments. CEEF 1st and 2nd Infantry Regiment, CEEF 1st Siege Division, CEEF 1st Logistics and Deployment Regiment, and CEEF Arcane Supply and Larceny Unit.

Currently there are approximately 100 warforged soldiers remaining encamped arround the Archon Fortress. Most of the Warforged were lost in action or due to logistical issues, not lost in battle. There are estimated 2000 warforged of various regiments unaccounted for in the “tags” or metalic impressions of the Ghulra, or unique pattern, that most warforged on the front line carried into battle.


Cyran Extraplanar Expeditionary Force

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